The Disaster Jones Demos

by Disaster Jones

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The very best, most cohesive collection of tracks from the bowels of demo mountain.


released August 31, 2014

"Modern Aggressor" produced by Daniel Feldstein feat. Daniel Feldstein on electric guitar, Rachael Scienski on additional vocal, Phil Forsyth on banjo and lead vocal, and Mark Franzen on bass, piano, and drums. Charlotte Galronski contributed the other featured voice in "The Passengers"and the overqualified Chris Chapman fiddled with high fiddly bits of the piano on that. All songs written and all other instruments and vocals arranged, performed, and recorded by Phil Forsyth



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Disaster Jones New York

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Track Name: Admiral
Abigail, don't turn your eyes away from me
No not tonight
I long to kiss your grinning teeth

Butterfly, bat your lashes twice at me
I'll return the color to your cheeks
on this november night

Abigail, my one concern is not for me but your little brother
Who will not trust my selfish deeds
If your mother takes his hand and holds him close then maybe he
will leave your side and we can be free
on tis november night

Abby cry
i'll lick up your salty tears
Your father died
Twelve months ago last year
lay by my side
you've yet to say his sad name twice
I'll find you only once more dear
I tried to take the each out of your bones
You lied
When you said your heart weren't broken
Inside a fire burned but not for me
I died three more times before you healed me and you finally cried
That hot july night
And the sweat was so bitter that we could hardly breathe

Abigail on a mountain top
The crisp air fills her lungs she's a superhero
Spreads her wings to take flight such a long hike
Do not do this to my country darling do stay here with me
Don't go back to Glasgow
Then you kissed me
On a mountain
That was May

Admiral, that's quite the pretty girl you've got
I'll have another shot of whiskey
She reminds me of Eliza in almost every way
And as my memory fades, I fear my love for her will slip away
And it's all I ever did think worth remembering
When we climb the ruins in may, you should invite your family along
Make it a double
Track Name: Modern Aggressor
Don't you wish you'd spent a little time thinking'

Any other century, I'd a had to kill this man…
You broke promises, lied, stole, cheated, sullied my reputation
Any other century, I'd a had to kill this man

The townsmen burned liars

You let your guard down on me

The townsmen burned liars

Pistols at dawn
Track Name: Visions of Death
In a dream, I lit a cigarette
Death appeared right by my side
He said, you worry kid it isn't over yet
Put down the cannon take one more breath

I went to Rachel's house for sutures
Only skin deep the words are like a camera
Snapping pictures of my parents
Once like me and I'm no better than

I wrote a song for my sister
How I loved and how I missed her
She gave me a kiss on the cheek
an honest lie that I'm no better than

Werewolves and monkeys whistle along
Snap your fingers and sing a little song
'Bout the man who drowned in water
Not asleep but dreamed much longer
Track Name: Bound
You were bound to hurt her.
You were bound to make her cry.
You were troubled to make her wonder
She was there so someone would care when you made a mistake.

Ease up
Don't worry
She's stronger than you
and though you would leave her she's so bound to you.

A better woman than you're a man.
Don't worry son, she understands.
Though you'll never be a father, a lover now you can.

She deserves better you know.
You deserve worse.
Don't worry son, it's over now.
Get stronger or she'll leave you now.